15 April 2014

Happy Birthday!

                                                                                    Dearest Charlotte,

I imagine that you have grown in statue as well as in other ways that come naturally with age.

I imagine you, a four year old girl, full of life and joy, running and playing with your sister and all the other sweet children who call heaven their home.

Today marks four years since you were born to us and four years since you left us for your heavenly home. Four years since I felt your life within me and held you close.

Sometimes fours years feels so long ago. 1461 sunrises and sunsets and all the days in between. On the other hand... my heart feels like it was only yesterday.

Today we celebrate you - our daughter, our fourth born child, a member of our family. We are so thankful for you and the impact that you have had and continue to have on our lives.

We praise God that you live! We praise Him for the love, life, joy and peace that is yours in a paradise that we can not even begin to imagine.

Our hearts will not forget you precious Charlotte. Time will not diminish our love for you.
We will always wish that we had more time with you but we know that eternity is but a breath away and we will see you again soon.

Until then... may you continue to sing and dance in the courts of heaven!

"To God be the glory forever and ever."

With so much love



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