12 August 2010

Our Two Realities

To a new home she's gone,
She has left us behind.
We are left with the sorrow and pain,
Strength and comfort to find.

Wrapped in eternal bliss,
Overflowing joy and love unending.
Gathering the pieces of our broken hearts,
Time will help in mending.

Life is her's forever,
Praising her Saviour and her King.
Sweet memories are with us still,
Faith helps to dull death's sting.

Eternity to enjoy,
Reunited with love ones lost.
Time goes by so rapidly,
Ignoring our pain and cost.

It was her hope and her desire,
Eternal life, eternal love.
We continue life's uncertain journey,
Entrusting her to God above.

Her life continues on,
We know this is not the end.
Free from the pain and toil of life,
In His presence forever she'll spend.

Hillarys - June 3rd 2010
The realities of heaven and earth are worlds apart. Nana's reality is one of perfect joy, love and peace, while the lives of those left behind are shaken and filled with the pain of loss. What a paradox! The hope and the reality of eternal life can be such a comfort to those who mourn.


OhlsonFamily said...

Julie, you truly have a gift with words and expressions of your heart. This journey of grief and loss and pain has so many facets as you cling to the hope and the joy of the perfection of our life eternal. Praying for your mending heart. Thanking God for His gift in you. Your courage to share your heart's journey is an inspiration and an encouragement. You are dearly loved!

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