15 August 2010


~ 14th August 2010 ~

Remembering our precious girl born 4 months ago today
and her cherished great-grandmother
on what would have been her 88th birthday.


Mullaloo Beach


Anonymous said...

Love you sweet Julie, xoxo Beth

Angela said...

Saw your story on Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope. My Charlotte was born, lived briefly, and died on May 14th. She was 38 weeks and we had a wonderful labor and delivery with no complications.

Two little girls named Charlotte, born one month apart, I like to think of them keeping each other company now.

The 3 month mark was hard for me. I hope the 4 month anniversary was okay for you. Thinking of you and your sweet Charlotte.

OhlsonFamily said...

Julie, something strange is happening with my computer, I left a few comments after a few of your posts and now that I check your site again, they are gone. So sorry! Your beach pictures are beautiful. It makes me miss 'home'. It is a glorious way to make memories ... etching words and pictures in sand and capturing the moment with still image. Charlotte is so often in my thoughts, as are you. Know that someone worlds away is remembering her and loving you!

Sharon Bain said...

Whether a life is short or long lived, the meaning and significance of that life remains the same.

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