20 June 2010

I Wonder...

I wonder my darling who you would look like?
Would your eyes be blue like Daddy's or green like mine?
Would your hair be long, blonde and flowing?
Would it be curly or would it be straight?
Would you be tall, having long fingers and feet,
or would you be small and dainty and petite?
I wonder...

I wonder sweetheart what you would sound like?
Would you have been quieter like Daddy or chatty like me?
Would you like the quietness of a gentle breeze,
or the crash of waves on the beach?
Would you talk quietly and often be shy,
or would you be confident, willing to give anything a try?
I wonder...

I wonder my love what your tastes would be like?
Would you love lollies like Daddy or curries like me?
Would you be passionate about music, literature or sport,
or would you find your enjoyment serving others?
Would your gifts be in leadership, would you serve or direct?
Would you prefer to listen to others, their lives quietly effect?
I wonder...

I wonder my girl what would delight your sense of smell?
Would it be yummy food like Daddy or beautiful fragrances like me?
Would you love flowers and the strong smell of roses,
or would you prefer the salty air and taste of the beach?
Would you like cooking with spices, enjoying food flavoursome to eat?
Would you prefer lemon meringue, pecan pie or anything sweet?
I wonder...

I wonder Princess what you would love to do?
Would you love sport like Daddy or making things like me?
Would you like to play an instrument, sing or perform
or would you like to study and learn new things?
Would your passion be to explore the world and visit other lands?
Would you be content staying at home and creating things with your hands?
I wonder.....

All these things I wonder and more... but this I know!
You are my daughter
You are a child of God
You were created for God's good purpose
And were meant to be
You reside in heaven
You were made for eternity
You are loved and contented
And one day, all this and more I'll see...

All my love forever sweetheart, Mummy x


Anonymous said...

Julie, my dear friend, thank you for sharing your heart with us. You write so well, keep writing and sharing. We love you!!! Love Beth

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