09 January 2011

Your First Christmas

Charlotte's in her
Heavenly home,
Rejoicing forever
In her
Saviour's birth. Giving
Timeless, everlasting praise to the
Messiah - with
Angels singing to
Son of the Living God

Our Rememberance Table

I believe in the sun
Even when its not shining.
I believe in love
Even when I feel it not.
I believe in God
Even when He is silent.
Written by a Nazi concentration camp prisoner

I believe Charlotte is alive
Even though she wasn't breathing.
I believe she is filled with unimaginable joy
Even though I am not with her.
I believe I will see her again
Even though she lay quiet and still.


OhlsonFamily said...

I'm smiling!! Touched by the beauty of your pictures and the special candle display. I feel 'included' even if it wasn't intentional! hehe ... and ... that is very special to me ... you are in my thoughts so often Charlotte (and Julie). Thank you Julie for continuing to share Charlotte with us! You are keeping her 'real'! She will not be 'forgotten'.

Anonymous said...

I agree, thank you for continuing to share Charlotte, your thoughts and photos with us, love Beth

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