28 June 2010

Finding Giselle

Trisomy 18 was a mystery to me, I had never heard of the condition before our baby was diagnosed with it. I therefore spent hours on the internet researching and reading other people's stories.
One of the most helpful sites I came across was the American Trisomy 18 Foundation website. It contained information about T18, people's journeys and struggles, legacy/memorial pages and answers to a variety of questions. The section I found most helpful was the Community Board. It was a place where people who were having a baby with T18 or had had a baby with the condition could connect, relate and help each other.
One night while I was browsing through the Community Board I came across a post that truly amazed me. It read,"I am pregnant with a baby who has T18. Is there anyone else in Perth who is having or has had a baby with T18?"
I couldn't believe that this question was on an American website! Were they referring to Perth in Scotland, Tasmania or WA I wondered? I had desperately wanted to connect in some way with someone who was travelling down the same road that I was, but because T18 only occurs in 1:3000-5000 pregnancies I wasn't necessarily expecting to connect with anyone from Perth! I tentatively replied to the post and eagerly waited for a reply.
I met Giselle in early February - I was 19 weeks pregnant and she was 22 weeks. Unbelievable! Equally amazing was the fact that she was a Christian too. Being able to share our journey in the light of our faith was such a blessing, we were on the same page.
God was so good in the way He brought us together. It was truly amazing how it came about. Despite the difficulties and uncertainties of our situation, God was there for us, caring for us and providing what we needed.
"And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus. To our God and Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen." Phil 4:19-20


OhlsonFamily said...

What a precious gift you were/are to each other! God is good. In the midst of unspeakable pain and heartache He is caring for you and guiding you to sources of comfort and assurance of His continuous presence. Loving you.

Sarah said...

God has his ways of guiding us through such difficult times- how absolutely amazing that he made your paths to cross! Thank you for small mercies God!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad, God brought her along for you, Love B

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