06 February 2011

Another Loss

In  loving memory of our 5th baby.
Lost at 12 weeks.

~ January 25, 2011~

At Mullaloo Beach

".... in the midst of life's shattering moments
the Holy Spirit can bring us stability
in the presence of the One who alone is able to
calm our fears and address our questions with Himself
 - the ultimate and only adequate Answer."

Blessed Be Your Name - Matt & Beth Redman


butterflymom said...

I'm so sorry for your loss....what a beautiful way to remember your children. The pictures are breath-taking. Take care of yourself. ((hugs))

OhlsonFamily said...

My Dearest Julie, my heart is crushed for you. I can only begin to imagine your 12 week journey the battle between joy and anticipation and the anxiety after already walking the road of loss. I'm so so so sorry that this journey wasn't the joy filled one you needed. Praying with you that you will have that joy again. Thank you for sharing the memory of Baby 'D'. Your pictures are beautiful expression of your love for your babes in heaven. Sending big hugs, know you are in my thoughts daily.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures with us. In my thoughts and prayers, Love you, Beth

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