22 June 2010

Sibling Thoughts

Mikayla's Thoughts:
The things that I remember about Charlotte are:
*that she was cute
*that I held her
*I had photos taken with her
*I met a man (the hospital Chaplain) who talked to us about Charlotte - about her birth and her sickness.
*Putting flowers in her grave
*Lighting 6 candles at the Church

*I miss not having a sister, I have always wanted one.

*I remember being told that Charlotte had died.

*I think Charlotte is having a wonderful time in heaven. She has never sinned.

*Jesus chose to take her to heaven. I don't know why He chose to do that.

*Charlotte, if I could say anything to you, I would say that I hope you are having a good time and I miss not having you here in human land.

Ethan's Thoughts:
The things that I remember about Charlotte are:
*Holding her after she died
*Seeing her all wrapped up
*Looking at her in her cot
*That we buried her
*That we put rose petals in her grave

*I miss not having 3 girls in the family, we would have had 3 girls and 3 boys. I miss that she is not going to talk to me and I will not know what she sounds like. I will also miss that she can't play with us.

*My favourite memory is when I saw Charlotte.

*I think Charlotte would be playing with other babies in heaven, she would be having crawling races. She would also be playing with baby puzzles and books. I think she would be able to talk because she is in heaven. I think Jesus would talk to Charlotte and say, "Please think about your family."

*I feel sad that Charlotte isn't here. I realise that I want her here.

*Jesus took her to heaven because she was sick.                                                         

*If I could talk to Charlotte I would say, "I love you."

Jesus said,
                                "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them
 for the Kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."
 Matthew 19:14


Jenny Tonkin said...

What beautiful thoughts and memories from the children. They are treasures. Love Granny Jenny. xxxxxx oooooo

OhlsonFamily said...

Precious thoughts and expressions of their love for their sweet sister. Crawling races in heaven ... what a beautiful picture!! Julie, I feel so privileged to get to read this blog and know your heart just a little ... you are deeply loved.

Anonymous said...

I agree, thanks for letting us catch a glimpse into your precious heart Julie. These thoughts from Mikayla and Ethan, are so cute and have such depth. I miss you guys and love your family so much, B

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