14 October 2010

Half a Year Ago...

14th April 2010

"All the days ordained for me
were written in your book
before one of them came to be."
Psalm 139:16

 6 months ago I waved goodbye

I am standing on the seashore.
A ship spreads her white sails to the morning breeze and starts for the ocean.
I stand watching her until she fades on the horizon,
and someone at my side says,
"She is gone."
Gone where?
The loss of sight is in me, not in her.
Just at that moment when someone says, "She is gone,"
there are others who are watching her coming.
Other voices take up the glad shout,
"Here she comes..."

~Henry Scott Holland~


"Joy in affliction is rooted in the hope of resurrection,
but our experience of suffering also deepens the root of that hope."

~John Piper~

  14/04/10 - 14/10/10

6 Months
Six months ago
A baby was born
My little girl.

Six months ago
I waved goodbye
As Jesus took her Home.

Six months ago
I walked the valley of death's shadow
Immense pain
Separated from her.

Six months ago
I chose to trust
In the One who desperately loves my little girl.


 He will wipe every tear from their eyes.
There will be no more death or mourning
or crying or pain,
for the old order of things has passed away.
He who was seated on the throne said,
"I am making everything new!"
Then He said, "Write this down,
for these words are trustworthy and true."
Revelation 21:4-5


Jenny Tonkin said...

Julie, you CHOSE to trust our almighty God 6 months ago and you continue to CHOOSE to trust Him. Even tho it hurts so much, we have a hope and an assurance that we will see Charlotte again and then there will be no more pain or hurt or tears.Praise God that He is looking after your precious Charlotte so tenderly and lovingly. The photo of the boys is so beautiful.Bless you dear friend, Jen. xx

OhlsonFamily said...

6 months Julie, really, has it been that long? It feels like just last week and yet it feels like an age ago ... and if I have those feelings I know that they are that much stronger for you!

Your choice to trust God then and all the more now is such an encouragement to so many - especially myself. How do people who don't have Jesus as their Saviour get through each day in this situation?! Someone at bible study this week said that with the passing of their loved one heaven became so much more real and the joy of the expectation of being there one day became so much deeper. It was a thought that encouraged my heart! There is much pain to endure on this earth especially when we had someone snatched away ... but the knowledge that there WILL be a joyful reunion one day ... amazing!!

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