02 August 2010

A Tear Drop On My Door

"...(she) experienced the loss of her full-term child at just twenty minutes of age. 'Pure exhaustion,' she was informed as they quickly whisked him away, never to be seen again. 54 years ago when this occurred, the hospital in which he was born baptised him 'John,' although he was to become known as Mark to his parents. It was explained to me that in those days, all babies who had died were either baptised 'John' or 'Mary' and that the parents did not get to see or hold the child. Not one photograph or hand print exists of baby Mark. All that exists is a faded memory in the minds of his parents, and a star that is named after him by his mother."
-We Dreamed of You CD - Devon Plumley

Fortunately, our experience was quite different to this mother's tragic story. Our own painful journey was somewhat softened by the wonderful care and support we received from the hospital.
A Perinatal Loss Programme has been developed to support families in grief and to help them create lifelong memories.
We spent a lot of precious time with Charlotte. We took photos and recorded the time we spent together. We were able to create some very special memories. The hospital also provided us with a variety of keepsakes to help us remember the time that we had with our girl - blankets, tiny clothes, a keepsake box, hand and footprints, birth details, love hearts and teddy bears (for the children). A lovely, pretty bassinet was also provided by the hospital for Charlotte to use.
The hospital's chaplain was available to talk to us before and after the birth and he provided us with some excellent council. The social worker was also lovely to talk to. All the staff, including the midwives and our wonderful doctor, did a remarkable job in such a loving and caring way.
I was in the labour ward for the duration of my stay (5 days). The room was spacious but most importantly, it insulated me from the cry of other babies. The front desk monitored phone calls and visitors so that we could have as much privacy as we needed. I later discovered a little tear drop sticker on my door, which was put there to remind the staff who entered our room, that we had lost our baby.
We were truly blessed to have been in a hospital that looked after us so well during such a difficult time. Their care and thoughtfulness will continue to help us through our time of grief.

'Charlotte in the Sand' by Mikayla

"Most effectively and importantly, there is the Lord, Who will patiently listen to your deep cries of anguish and will in turn give you the peace and comfort you need to get through the day. Remember that He understands your sorrow and season of grief. His Word tells us in Ecclesiastes 3 that there is a time of weeping and a time of mourning. He then promises that He will make everything beautiful in His time, thus restoring our lives by His love and grace."
Rebekah Mitchell - Grief and Grace by A. Axelby


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad the hospital was kind, caring and thoughtful. I truly loved the time we spent together when I was visiting and I loved how you shared your special things with me. Thank you my friend, love you lots, B

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