25 July 2010

Children's Memories

15th April

Charlotte at the Hospital - by Mikayla
A man talked to us about Charlotte and told us that she had died. He then showed us Charlotte. We got to hold her and a lady video taped us. I thought, "This is Charlotte, she looks like a dolly and she is so small." I felt sad because she had died and I had always wanted a sister. The hospital keepers gave us Charlotte's teddy bears and love hearts and we got to keep them. The man prayed for Charlotte. It was so special that we got to see her.

Mikayla and Charlotte

 -by Ethan
Mummy was pregnant and had a baby. I saw Charlotte and the doctor talked to me about how she had died. I sat on a chair and I held her.

Ethan and Charlotte with Mummy in bed.


OhlsonFamily said...

Precious! They are able to talk about things so well. Thanks for sharing it with us. You are doing a fabulous job of walking them through processing their grief as you walk through your own journey. loving you dear friend!

Jenny Tonkin said...

Out of the mouth of babes...children express exactly how they feel...they just say it and don't think about how it comes across..how we can learn from them. What beautiful memories for the children...to have cuddled her...to have keepsakes and photos. Julie and Grant, you are both amazing the way you are working through your own grief and assisting your children to walk that hard road as well.Jen Jen xx

Anonymous said...

I agree! You guys are amazing at being able to deal with the grief you are feeling and to walk your children through it as well. I'm sure they will always remember Charlotte and their special time with her, love B

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