29 August 2010

Your Memorial Day

A day to honour you my darling,
A day to make you known.
A day to thank your Creator
For the love through you, He's shown.

We will thank God for you my darling,
Our girl for all of time.
We're so grateful for the life He gave,
We will cherish it for a lifetime.

A day to show how much we love you,
A day to share our hearts at last.
A day to savour precious memories,
Which we'll treasure when this day's past.

We'll say goodbye to you my darling,
But only for a while.
One day in the courts of heaven,
 We will watch you laugh and dance and smile!

Until we meet again my darling...

"The Lord watch between me and thee
while we are absent one from another."
Genesis 31:49


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous poem Julie and what a gorgeous hope! Love B

OhlsonFamily said...

You have a gift with words my dear friend! I'm brought to tears so often! I can't wait to meet your sweet Charlotte, to watch her dance and laugh and smile. What a precious gift Charlotte is even in her absence.

Jenny Tonkin said...

Julie, how I have missed reading your blog while I've been away. Your depth of feeling and expressing it so eloquently, is beautiful.How blessed you are to have photos and keepsakes of precious Charlotte.I am so sorry that your nana passed away. God give you strength as you grieve even more.Loving and caring so much for you, Jen. xx

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