13 July 2010

The Day Continues...

Tues 13th April...

I'm walking in a bubble of disbelief,
Is this really happening?

Waiting for my family to pick me up,
Please come quickly!

"Hello my darlings. Did you have a good time at the park?"
Oh.... my heart is breaking!

Driving home...staring out the window... 
My mind goes blank.

Bag, clothes, toiletries, baby's things, phone calls...
Too much... I can't think.

Gather the children, what do we say?
"Our baby has gone to heaven."

Must lie down, need rest, need solitude.
My mind shuts down... frozen against the reality -

...of what tomorrow will bring...
The birth of my baby girl.


OhlsonFamily said...

I have been reading this post over and over and want to leave a comment to let you know that I have been 'sitting' with you ... 'listening' to your story. No 'words' to share, just being here, loving you.

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