07 February 2011

Three Months!

24th January 2011 - the day of the 12 week ultrasound for our new baby
                                who was due 04/08/11.

The time has finally come at last -
To share our joyful news.
To see pictures of our little one...
Proof of health, life and hope.

We know that news isn't always good,
The first look revealed the first sign -
No....  something is horribly wrong!
"Sorry, no heart beat can be found."

No!! Not again, not like before!
All joy and anticipation vanish.
Heaven claims another child I wanted with me.
Why did it have to go wrong?

Yesterday I was pregnant and expecting good news -
Today - no baby, no due date, it's finished.
From joyful expectation to sadness and grief.
What do I say and do now?

I will share my sad news, let my baby be known,
A child of mine, wanted and loved.
Not seen or known by anyone in this world,
But known and loved in heaven above.

You give and take away,
My heart will choose to say,
"Lord, blessed be Your Name."
                                     (M Redman)

Until we meet again little one...
Love always xxx


TimnND said...

Julie, you are so brave. To share this babe with us. Thank you! Not known or met by anyone in this world, but loved and wanted ... know that I share just a smidgen of your love and your want for your child. I look forward to meeting your babe one day. Tears. Your choice to bless the name of the Lord in the depths of your grief and pain is an encouragement beyond what can be adequately expressed in words. May you feel the strength of His arms wrapped around you tightly today. Loving you.

Anonymous said...

Julie, sweet Julie, my heart breaks with yours. I agree, thank you for sharing this babe with us. I love you, Beth

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