14 July 2010

Reflecting on - 'She's Gone'

~ Remembering our precious Charlotte Rose born 3 months ago today ~

Gone... home to meet The Father,
            her Grandma and Great-Grandparents.

Gone... from this world,
            knowing not - its pain, sorrow or toil.

Gone... from our lives,
             from our home and from our family.

Gone... into eternity
             to bask in God's perfect love and life.


Jenny Tonkin said...

Praise God that Charlotte Rose is in Heaven with Jesus, where everything is perfection. Imagine the joy when you meet again and are with her FOREVER AND FOREVER!!! JD xx

OhlsonFamily said...

The picture is brilliant, God's warmth and abounding love streaming through reminding you of His presence with you and His care over Charlotte as she has 'crawling races in Heaven'! She is gone from this earth ... but will never be gone from our hearts!

Anonymous said...

I agree, never gone from our hearts. She will always be a part of your family and a part of our friendship. Love B

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