08 July 2011

Her Father's Joy and Her Mother's Hope

My heart hurts raw
Pain runs deep within
Not so old wounds
Reopen... my heart cries -

Where are you?
Why couldn't you stay?
I'm empty, wishing
I was 'full' of you.

August 4 2011 should have been
A date of expectancy
Of pain, then pure joy
Now... an ordinary day

Where are you?
Why didn't you stay?
My baby, the salve
For my broken heart

On August 4 2011
I will nurse my aching heart
Folding my arms in emptiness
Wishing you were here with me

My heart hurts raw
Pain runs deep within
My heart cries - into eternity
"You are deeply loved."

A poem of deep lament for my second baby lost, who was due to be born on August 4.
Abigail means:- Father's joy


OhlsonFamily said...

Oh, my Julie. I feel your heart cries and your deep pain. So hard to understand and comprehend. Know that on August 4th, Abigail will be remembered, my arms will be outstretched across the seas to hug you and tell you that your sweet girl, her Father's joy, is remembered. Praying that your day will not be ordinary, but that something will deeply bless you and soothe your aching heart. Your poem is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Loving you, Nay.

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