14 April 2011

Happy Birthday to You!

Charlotte Rose
14/04/2010 - 14/04/2011

We wish that we could celebrate your birthday with you today darling girl.
May the courts of heaven be filled with celebration and song as we
remember the precious girl who entered it's gates one year ago today.

Charlotte, may you be filled with unending joy,
perfect peace and abundant love,
 as you bask in the richness of Glory,
enjoying life as it was intended to be.

"He is able to bring life out of death and hope out of grief."
Shaming the Strong - Angie Smith

We thank God for you my darling
Our girl for all of time.
We're so grateful for the life He gave
We'll cherish it for a lifetime.

"Happy birthday to you..."
Sweetheart, we will forever love you, cherish you and remember you.
- Happy 1st birthday -


OhlsonFamily said...

Charlotte, on this day, I celebrate you and the unique gift you are to those who love you. A candle glistens all day long. Prayers are said for your family who longs to see you again. Prayers are offered to our God in glory entrusting you into His eternal care. Tears flow. I know you have 'friends' and family surrounding you in His courts, what a celebration!

Julie ... it's a milestone! A year!! You have done such a precious job of keeping Charlotte close to our hearts - thank you for sharing her with us. Thinking of you and will be there in spirit. Sending BIG hugs and all my love. Nay.

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