07 June 2010

Another Phone Call

Thursday 23rd December
Straight after we had talked to our doctor about the decisions that needed to be made, we went to visit our pastor. Not long after we had arrived at his office we received a phone call from our doctor, "I went back to my office and checked the results - it's a girl....."
The enormous wave of grief, anguish and complete devastation was utterly overwhelming. We had to leave.
...a girl!

"Life and death can be a truly bitter-sweet experience.
...Grief takes you on a journey where only you can go.
I feel that I am sitting in a very dark pit.
...It is here in this dreaded place that I find the Great
Comforter comes. He sits with me. He holds my hand.
He doesn't take me out or make me better. He simply
takes my hand in His and lovingly says, "I know."
His presence makes all the difference. Jesus is my best
friend, my comforter, my hope, and my love.
He is the One who will gently lead me to my feet
when He is ready and tell me kindly that it's time." 

'Above Rubies' Magazine No.58 by Anna Hogbin


Alice said...

Dear Julianne,

My name is Anna Hogbin. I stumbled upon your site and found that you had quoted an article of mine written in an Above Rubies magazine after we lost our Son Noah. I am truly sorry to read about the loss of your darling girl Charlotte. I hope my words were able to bring you some small comfort. I also noticed that you have quoted from Amanda Axelby's book 'Grief and Grace'. I have had the privilege of getting to know her since losing Noah. She is a beautiful woman. What a small world! It is also amazing to me, that the post you wrote on the 7th june with my quote on it is our Noah's Birthday! Even more astonishing is that Noah died on your due date, 18th June!!! I am not sure how to get in touch with you, I am not very computer savvy, but it would be nice to send you a private email. My heart goes out to you as you go through the first year of your loss. It is so incredibly difficult. I love all of the poems and photos and little things that you have on this site to remember and honour Charlotte. Since we lost Noah, who was also our 4th child, God has blessed us with 4 more daughters!!! the second one being Charlotte! It is such a pretty name.
I pray that God will continue to help you all walk through this year one small step at a time. Let me encourage you that the grief does get easier to bear. It is always still there, but it finds its own resting place in your heart and settles there enough to help you function better.
Warm Regards,
I will check your site again over the next few days to see if there is any further comment from you or if you have an email address.

Anna said...

Sorry Julianne,
I accidently sent my daughter Alice's profile. I told you I don't have a clue what I am doing on the computer!!!!!


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