26 July 2010

Shock - The Collision of Two Worlds

"God has so made us that we can somehow bear pain and sorrow and even tragedy.
However, when the sorrow is overwhelming, we are sometimes temporarily anaesthetised in response to a tragic experience. We are grateful for the temporary anaesthesia, for it keeps us from having to face grim reality all at once."      
Good Grief - Granger E. Westberg


                             The Collision of Two Worlds                           
I'm living in a world of disbelief,
A thick fog hinders my view.

My body is numb, time stands still,
But life goes on around me.

This is a new and different world,
Everything has forever changed.

I think, but I can't make sense of anything,
I read and it is meaningless.

I'm living in a world of disbelief,
I wonder when I will be leaving -

For I know there is another world waiting for me
The world of reality and pain.

"The valley of the shadow of death is a solitary place, a wilderness, a desert, full of pits, a land of drought." Christian was worse put to it here than in any other place. He said, "I would rather walk in the dark with God, than alone in the light." Here he walked by faith, not by sight. -Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress-


OhlsonFamily said...

Once again, I read, I sit, I ponder, I feel a pain in my heart. I sit with you, your words, for a while, wishing that I was sitting with you in person. Praying for you as you transition through your 'worlds' and that God will be ever-present in and through each one. I like the quote "I would rather walk in the dark with God, than alone in the light."

Sharon Bain said...

3-4 months has passed and ah finally life is back to normal. Grant is back working long hours and days and Julie has resumed motherly duties and the running of the household. Things seem to be going well. Finally life has moved on.... Or has it????? This is a timely reminder to us all not to be fooled by outward appearances for things are not always as they seem. Julie and Grants inner worlds are still colliding and their pain is just as real and as raw as the day Charlotte left us. It is however now simply masked by what we call "daily routine."

OhlsonFamily said...

Such an excellent reminder Sharon, thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, good reminder Sharon to continue to hold Julie and Grant in our hearts and prayers, thinking of you all and wishing I was there, love B

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